Safety Measures

High Quality and Safety Are Our Highest Priorities

Your safety is our number one concern, so we go above and beyond to ensure that you or your loved one are safe.

We adhere to the strictest safety guidelines and safety protocols. We have a high nurse-to-patient ratio, a vital part of maximizing your safety and our ability to respond to your needs. Also, our lead operating room nurse maintains clear and direct communications with the physician performing your procedure.

Dedicated to keeping you or your loved one safe

Before your procedure, your highly trained physician will determine your eligibility for the treatment based on established, evidence-based guidelines. A trained staff member will discuss your health history and safety needs with your personal physician. After that, one of our anesthesiologists will review your history and call to discuss the anesthesia plan with you.

Safety is central to everything that we do. It was considered in the design of our facility, and it’s woven into all our policies, procedures, and training. We comply with all regulatory safety requirements. We train and drill our staff on safety and the importance of high quality care for each patient. We empower our staff to challenge procedures or processes, in the best interests of patients and their safety. We also have safety and advisory committees that review cases, recommend quality improvements, and seek new ways to advance patient safety and ensure favorable treatment results.

We strictly follow all guidelines on sterilization, central to patient safety, and have complete sterilization and clean-room facilities, including:

  • Washers
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Autoclaves
  • Large sterile storage for instruments and other sterilized equipment
  • Clean-water filtration system

We are a COVID-19 Safe Environment

Now that elective surgeries have resumed, Dr. Andrew Caputo shares how Orthopedic Associates is a COVID-19 safe environment. This includes mandatory COVID-19  testing prior to surgery. Watch the video below to learn more.

If you’d like more information about our commitment to patient safety, or to schedule an appointment, call (860) 529-0295.