After Surgery

Before you leave, you’ll receive written instructions for your at-home care and recovery. Following those post-anesthesia instructions is a vitally important part of the recovery process. These instructions include, but are not limited to:

Post-procedure DON’Ts

  • Do NOT drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours following surgery.
  • Do NOT drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours after your surgery.
  • Do NOT make any important decisions until the day after your surgery.
  • Do NOT eat a heavy or large meal until the day after your surgery.

Post-procedure DOs

  • It’s not uncommon to experience pain or soreness at the site of your procedure. Take pain medication as prescribed by your referring physician, as needed.
  • When the procedure is over, resume your normal medication regimen as prescribed. If you are diabetic, depending on the type procedure you had, you may need to speak with your doctor about adjusting your medication.
  • BE AWARE: Call your surgeon immediately or seek help from the nearest emergency room if you develop any of the following symptoms:
    • Chills, or a fever of 101°F or higher
    • Severe tenderness at the wound site
    • Weakness in the arm (if you’ve had a neck procedure) or leg (for back procedures) that persists the next day
    • Inability to urinate, or new incontinence of bowel or bladder
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Dizziness
    • Severe total-body rash
    • Swelling in the face or tongue
    • Chest pain

To learn more about what to expect from your procedure, or appropriate preparation, call us at 860-529-0295.